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Oct 28, 2020

About The Program

The aim of the four-year bachelor' s degree in business administration program is to primarily study fundamental knowledge in management and economics, accept essential training of enterprise management method and skills, and have the basic ability of analyzing and solving enterprise management problems.

The feature places a great deal of emphasis on the method of teaching which follows the essential approach of combining theory with practice. We have excellent faculty with overseas background and international student body, so CUG is in a particularly strong position to provide the policy law and regulations in China's corporation management and the convention and rules in multinational corporation management. After completing a bachelor' s degree program, you will understand basic marketing techniques, organizational concepts and issues, contracts and negotiations, and the fundamental accounting concepts that drive business decisions. This program often prepares you to pursue a variety of positions in fields such as sales and marketing, financial services, economics, management, and more. One of the most important features of the Business Administration Program in English is cultivation of students' basic ability of analyzing and solving management problems.

Reasons To Study Business Administration At CUG

You will develop to be familiar with guiding principle, policy law and regulations in China' s corporation management and the convention and rules in multinational corporation management.

You will master the basic principles of management and economics, as well as fundamental theories and knowledge of modem corporation management.

You will become proficient in using software applications and information technology for research, and grasp quantitative and qualitative analysis methods and the ability of solving management problems with computer.

You will develop strong oral and written communication skills and the capabilities in analyzing and solving the practical management problems.

You will complete complementary courses and elective courses to strengthens, enhance and expand your core business learning, and to grasp the frontier theories and trends in the field of business administration.


Core Courses Include:

Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Applied Statistics, Financial management, Managerial Information System, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Corporate Strategic Management, Quality Management, Organizational Behavior.

Elective courses include:

Strategic Management, Public Relationship, Business Negotiation, Service Management, Production Site Management, Economic Forecast and Decision-making B, International Settlements, Business Planning, Innovation Management, lean Production.

Career Possibilities


The graduates can become applied talents of business administration discipline with well-rounded, in-depth core education in international business, the ability to grasp basic theory of management, economics and law and to possess the knowledge and ability in modern corporation management. You will mainly be employed and accepted by industrial and commercial firms and can also meet the requirements of governmental or social organizations, where you can perform management, education, scientific and research work.


After your studies, you can continue to peruse a master' s degree (MSc or MA)or take a postgraduate study programme to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) with Chinese government scholarship. The offered master' s study programme includes: Enterprise Management, Tourism management and financial management (accounting).The programme serves as a strong grounding for public and private sector careers alike.