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Introduction to CUG Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association


The CUG Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association (CCPA), founded in 1985, is affiliated to the university Communist Youth League Committee and is under the tutorship of Mr. Yuan Jiang from the International Education College, CUG. The CCPA is an art group for university students who are calligraphy and painting enthusiasts, pursuing the aim of “extending friendship with book lovers and promoting acquaintanceship with calligraphy enthusiasts” as well as the development purpose of “taking roots in CUG and drawing blueprints for Wuhan”.


The CCPA focuses on the study about soft-brush calligraphy and, at the meantime, organizes a series training practices for Chinese traditional arts including the stiff-brush calligraphy, Chinese painting and seal-cutting, etc. The association members will have a regular training once a week, and organize some special activities such as the campus exhibition of calligraphy and painting, campus competition of calligraphy and painting, but to name a few. The association will also participate in some off-campus communication and exchange activities held in Wuhan University or the HUST, sharing the useful information about Chinese calligraphy and painting competitions and exhibitions and inviting association members to take cultural tours or to take part in competitions.


The CCPA works with other student organizations and groups of CUG to organize activities and cooperate with the International Education College to activate the “Going Global” project for traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, intensifying the intercultural communication and diversifying the campus culture of CUG.