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Oct 28, 2020

About The Program

There are three specific professional directions: accounting,tourism administration and business administration, which aim to foster international students with a wide vision integrating Chinese and Western, a strong language advantage, and a good understanding of Chinese culture, as well as international affairs. The graduates can become applied talents of business administration discipline with creative spirit, all-round development of the virtue, intelligence and physique, the ability to grasp basic theory of management, economics and law and to possess the knowledge and ability in modern corporation management. They will mainly be employed and accepted by industrial and commercial firms and can also meet the requirements of governmental or social organizations, where they can perform management, education, scientific and research work.

Students in business management primarily study fundamental knowledge in management and economics, accept essential training of enterprise management method and skills, and have the basic ability of analyzing and solving enterprise management problems. After completing the program, you will be Familiar with Chinese business policies, laws and international business rules and regulations.

Reasons To Study Business Administration At CUG

i.You will grasp not only basic principles of management and economics; but also fundamental theories and knowledge of modern corporation management;

ii.You will possess the ability of solving operation and management problems with computer skills;

iii.You will have the skills of expressing ideas, communicating with others well and analyzing and solving the practical management problems;

iv.You will be familiar with the guiding principles, policies, laws and regulations about Chinese corporation management and the convention and rule of multinational corporation management;

v.You will get to know the forward theories and trends in this subject;

vi.You will grasp the basic methods of investigating documents and data, and possess the primary ability of management science research and work.


Core Courses Include:

Theory of the Firm, Management Statistics, Advanced Management, Management Research Methodology, Accounting Theory, Financial Management Theory, Principles of Regional Tourism Planning,Research literature review.

Elective courses include:

Information Retrieval and Utilization, Operations Research (Ⅱ), Marketing Planning, Service Operations Management, Enterprise Technology and Innovation Management, Auditing Theory and Methods, Cost Management Accounting Theory and Methods, Management Statistics, Comparative Study Tourism Business Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Operations Research Capital, Tax Accounting and Tax Planning, Information disclosure and audit financial statements, Logistics system planning and design, Sustainable Tourism Management,Travel Consumer Behavior, World Heritage Conservation and Management, GIS and Mapping Tourism Planning, Cultural Tourism Development, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Theory frontier, Marketing Research Methods, Brand strategy, Business Process Management, Hotel Quality Management, Performance Evaluation and Incentive Mechanism, Economic Analysis of Tourism Industry, Tourism Principles and Methods, game theory, Financial Risk Management, Managerial Economics, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Document Management and Information Analysis (USTC Mu Division), Business e-commerce management (including experimental), ERP Principles and Applications (including experimental).

Duration:Three years.

Degree Grant:Master

Admission requirements

Good attitude towards learning;

Satisfied proficiency in Chinese or English;

Recommendation from domestic experts in academic and working fields;

Prior Knowledge inBusiness Administration or related disciplines.

Graduation requirements

All postgraduate students are required to submit a thesis in accordance with the University’s Core Regulations. Addition from the thesis, the students must have:

Obtained 34 credits;

Got goodremarks in professional quality evaluation;

Completed the final presentation (oral defense/viva).

Career Possibility

Graduates are mainly employed and accepted by industrial or commercial firms and can meet the requirements of governmental or social organizations, where they can perform management, education, scientific and research work.