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Master’s degree in Public Administration

Oct 28, 2020

About The Program

The MPA Program focuses on key issues of Public Administration and Organization Theory. The Program helps students gain in-depth knowledge about societal problems and critical challenges in the public administration field. It will train you to investigate these challenges, to analyze how public organizations deal with these challenges, and to consider what is required to make policies work. This intensive Master’s Program combines theoretical knowledge and methodological skills, which you will use to analyze real-life problems. It aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of students seeking further leadership responsibilities in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

The MPA department of CUG aims at cultivating high-level management talents with broad knowledge base and skillful practice ability, with social responsibility consciousness and innovative spirit.

Reasons To Study Public Administration At CUG

(1) You will enhance your leadership,management and operational decision-making capabilities.

(2)You can build your network nationally and internationally.

(3)You will become an expert in public sector topics.

(4)You will get the chance to take an important position in government bodies.

(5)You will become more flexible in the job market.


Core Courses Include:


Current China

The Principle of Management;

New Developments in Public Administration;

Governance and Public policy making;

Economics of Public Sector;

Administration Law

ElectiveCourses Include:

Human Resources Management

Cross country comparison of social welfare

Nature Resources and Environmental Economics

International Politics and International Law

Social welfare theory

Natural Resources Law & Policy

Principle of environment law

Environment and Sustainable Development

Land Resource Management

Chinese Company Law

International Commercial Arbitration

Duration: Master: 3 years

Admission requirements

The level of your prior education must be equivalent to the application requirement according to the admission guide. In addition, you must have English-language certificate with IELTS/TOFFEL scores or Chinese-language skills at HSK4 level. For more details, you can check our website: http://iec.cug.edu.cn.

Graduation requirements

This Master of Art degree is awarded by China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. Students must have taken all the courses the professional training program provides to obtain the required scores and complete the degree dissertation which should come from the actual needs in not less than one year.

Career Possibility

The course helps you to approach key developments in public administration with a critical and creative mind to progress your practice to the next level. You will become Highly-qualified talents who work on public affairs, public management and policy research.

There are nearly 30 masters graduates in public administration of CUG every year, mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises, Banks, party and government organs, scientific research institutes and non-profit organizations.