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Master’s degree in Chemistry

Oct 28, 2020

About The Program

This disciplineoffers graduate programs in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Computation Chemistry, Organic and Macromolecule Chemistry. In 2015, it entered the top 1% of global ESI. The faculty currently has 20 professors and 43 association professors in this field. The academic staff members are world leaders in areas such as new energy analysis, Geological analysis, Resources and environmental chemistry, and our students contribute to this research, and further build upon the interdisciplinary links within the University and with local and international research institutes. This is a three-year course of study for the Master of Science.

Reasons To StudyChemistryAt CUG

(1) You will have the basic theory of earth system science and chemistry theory and technical practice ability.

(2) You will have the ability to carry out innovative research, to gain an in-depth understanding of the international frontiers of the discipline, and have the ability to independently engage in scientific research and engineering practice.

(3) You will have rigorous scientific attitude and style, and make creative research results in a certain theory or practice of chemistry.

(4) You will have the ability to use various instruments and equipment skillfully, and to assist or independently solve some technical or management problems in scientific research and production.

(5) You will be proficient in academic communication and have good teamwork skills.


Core Courses Include:

Literature Review on Research Field

Chemical Power Source


Foundation of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell

An Introduction to Chemical Biology

Theoretical Chemistry

Environmental hemistry

Biosensing and Bioimaging

Elective courses include:

Chinese Reading

Chinese writing


China today

Duration:Master: 3 years

Admission requirements

The level of your prior education must be equivalent to the application requirement according to the admission guide. In addition, you must have English-language certificate with IELTS/TOEFL scores or Chinese-language skills at HSK4 level. For more details, you can check our website: http://iec.cug.edu.cn.

Graduation requirements

This Master of Science degree is awarded by China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. Students must have taken all the courses the professional training program provides to obtain the required scores and have received the basic training of environmental science and engineering practice, as well as must have completed the degree dissertation which should come from the actual needs in not less than one year.

Career Possibility

Chemistry scientist

Analytical chemist

Chemical consultant

Inorganic chemist

Environmental chemist

Chemical Blender

Chemical engineer