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Oct 28, 2020

About The Program (English-Medium Program)

The aim of the four-year bachelor’s degree in Communication Engineering program is aimed to primarily study fundamental knowledge and the advanced skill of communication systems and communication technologies. It focuses on examining and understanding the dynamics of Communication language, media, and culture, within both theoretical and practical frameworks.

The program features communication GIS, information processing and information technology, wireless sensor network and high-performance communication network. In addition, Creative interdisciplinary cross are facilitated to assist student in becoming highly skilled, versatile, independent thinkers with the research, information literacy, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for an advanced professional career or further Master’s or Ph.D. Studies. After graduation, students are capable of applying themselves to communication field and its correlative field as researchers, technical designers, manufacturers, businessmen and senior engineers who are creative and practical to develop and apply communication technologies and devices into almost all kinds of companies and even national defense industry.

Reasons To Study Communication Engineering At CUG

You will master the basic knowledge and basic theory of all kinds of communication technologies in communication field.

You will master the expression, receiving, transmitting, and processing principle and method of image, data, word, speech and other information.

You will mainly master the analysis and design method of all kinds of communication systems and computer multimedia information network.

You will be familiar with all kinds of communications systems, communication modes and system configurations. Master correlative technology standard, communication protocol and specification.

You will basically master the skill of computer application and software development.

You will basically possess the capability of design, integration, testing and application of all kinds of communication systems and communication networks.


Core courses include:

Probability Statistics and Stochastic Processes

Introductory Circuit Analysis

Analog Circuit Technology Infrastructure A

Digital Electronics A

Communication Principle A

Modern Switch Principle

C++ Language Programming

Digital Image Processing B

Main Experiments:

Communication Principle experiment

Electronic Circuit Experiment

Digital Circuit and Logical Design Experiment

Communication System Experiment

Main Practices:

Computer Programming

Electronic Technology Practice

Electronic System Practice

Integrated Circuit Practice

Comprehensive Professional Training

Production Practice

Graduation Design (Bachelor Thesis)

Career Possibilities


The Communication Engineering degree was developed by China University of Geosciences in Wuhan in response to the demand for graduates who master the processes, effects, and implications of communication in the information age. The explosion of career opportunities in the area of communication engineering is not only highly visible, but also one of the few fields seen as “recession- proof”. All the graduates are able to pursue their jobs in design, development and testing of modern communication system as well as design, development and testing of electronic system hardware and its software.


After your studies, you can continue to peruse a master’s degree or take a postgraduate study program to obtain a Master of Engineering degree in Information and communication program with Chinese government scholarship. The program serves as a strong grounding for careers.