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Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry

Oct 27, 2020


The Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences was founded in 1998, among which the Department of Applied Chemistry was founded in 1984. Its predecessor was the Department of Chemistry &Analytical Chemistry of Beijing Institute of Geosciences established in 1953, and the Department of Materials was founded in 1995. The two were merged in 1998, formerly known as the School of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, and renamed to Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry in 2011.

At present, our faculty has materials department, chemistry department and one experimental teaching center. It has one engineering Research Center of Nano-Geomaterials of the Ministry of Education, the Experimental Teaching& Demonstration Center of Chemistry in Hubei province and the Experimental Teaching& Demonstration Center of Materials Science and Engineering in Hubei province. The faculty is able to award all three types of education degrees to the students, including the bachelor degree (Applied Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Chemistry), the master degree (Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering) and the doctor degree (Materials Science and Engineering. The faculty has one Hubei provincial key discipline (Material Science and Engineering), and one key discipline (Material science) of China Ministry of Land and Resources.

In terms of faculty building, the faculty has simultaneously trained and introduced a number of outstanding talents from well-known universities and famous research institutes all over the world in recent years, forming a faculty team with high academic level, strong academic background and great development potential. It has 146 faculty members, including 114 full-time teachers and 32 teaching assistants and administrators. Among the full-time teachers, there are 32 professors, 64 associated professors and 25 doctoral supervisors. One chosen in Science & Technology Nova Program of China Ministry of Land and Resources, one distinguished professor of Chutian scholars in Hubei province, one selected in Hundred-Talent Program, etc. At present, 89.5 percent of the teaching and research staff in the college have doctoral degrees, and 69.3 percent have at least one year overseas experience.

With many years of construction and development, through the interdisciplinary integration, the material and chemistry disciplines of the faculty have formed distinct advantages and characteristics. At present, the major research directions of the material discipline are mineral materials, energy materials, functional and composite materials, and biosensor materials. The major research directions of the chemistry disciplin eare geological analysis, resource chemistry, environmental chemistry and life analytical chemistry. In the past five years, the number of projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China has been stable at more than 10, with a total amount of 22.06 million yuan. The total scientific research funds received by the school are 70.59 million yuan, including 56.78 million yuan for vertical funds and 13.81 million yuan for horizontal funds. The school has 629 SCI papers, 83 EI papers and 163 authorized patents. In the ESI system, according to the latest data in May 2019, the materials discipline ranks 364/8524.4‰), and the chemistry discipline ranks 561/12124.7‰).

With several generations of unremitting efforts, the faculty has become one of the important school for students training and scientific research in Hubei province. The faculty has excellent academic tradition and has trained a large number of outstanding talents. Feng Xin-Liang (2001) is the elected member of the Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe).Wang Dong-Sheng (1991), Zhang Li-Zhi (1995), Yang Yue-Heng (1995),Yuan Hong-Lin (1997), Xu Cheng (1999) and Hu Zhao-Chu (2000) are the winners of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists. In addition, a large number of graduates have become outstanding in many areas. The undergraduate students have won many excellent achievements in the "Challenge Cup" of China college students entrepreneurship plan competition, the national college students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, Hubei experimental skills competition, and Hubei chemical and chemical innovation meeting.

For a long time, the faculty has made continuous progress in education and scientific research areas, making great contributions to the national and local economic and social development. In the future, the faculty will further summarize the experience, adhere to its characteristics, comprehensively improve the quality of talent students training, increase scientific research level and social service ability, and promote the disciplines construction level. The faculty will strive to build itself into a "domestic first-class, advanced international” research-oriented college in the spirit of the school’s motto.