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School of Geography and Information Engineering

Oct 27, 2020

School of Geography and Information Engineering, developed from the Department of Geophysical Exploration of Beijing Institute of Geology, is one of the four earliest departments in the early days of China University of Geosciences. It was founded by Fu Chengyi, Xue Qinfang, Tan Chengze, Liu Guangding and other geophysical predecessors in 1952 with Xue Qinfang being the first dean of the department. After more than 60 years of school-running accumulation and inheritance, it has developed into an important supporting institute for the construction of the university’s  "double first-class" disciplines and has become one of the most significant bases for talent cultivation and scientific research in the field of geophysics in China.

The Institute sets three majors for undergraduates---Geophysics, Exploration Techniques and Engineering( Exploration of Geophysics direction), and Geomatics. Exploration Techniques and Engineering is a state-level characteristic major. Geophysics is a brand majors of Hubei Province, a "double first-class" construction discipline, a key "211" project discipline, and a supporting discipline of the "985" dominant discipline platform of the Ministry of Education. The Institute has two first-level disciplines, Geophysics and Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, for doctoral degree and postdoctoral mobile station. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering ranks first in China and has the "Domestic Multi-scale Imaging in the Earth" Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory, and the “Earth Exploration Technology” Hubei Provincial Key Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

The Institute has a strong teaching-faculty with 105 faculty members. There are 35 professors, 29 associate professors, and 25 doctoral supervisors, among which are 2 special academicians, 1 double-post academician, 1 National Thousand Talents Program professor, 1 National 100 Million Talents project candidate , 3 Thousand Talents Program Youth Project candidates , 3 professors approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 Changjiang Scholar, 1 Chutian Distinguished Professor, 1 Chutian visiting Professor, and 2 Chutian Scholars. 96% of full-time teachers have doctoral degrees, and 71% teachers have more than one year’s experience in overseas study.

The institute attaches great importance to foreign academic exchanges and has established stable cooperative relations with many well-known universities and high-level research institutions at home and abroad, which plays a significant role in promoting the development of academic disciplines and improving the scientific research level of the institute.

In terms of the talent cultivation, the institute actively explores the deep integration of Solid Earth Science and Mathematics, physics, and Computer and Information Science, cultivating complex senior talents with noble personality, good health, strong adaptability, rigorous attitude, innovative consciousness and innovative ability.

The long-term development goal of the institute is to develop into a world-class research institute for geophysics. For this goal, the institute will build the Great Geophysical Discipline System to cultivate all types of high-level professionals who are adapted to the needs of the country and society. Taking the construction of high-level talent team and scientific research team as the core, and leading the development direction of Engineering and Environmental Geophysics, the institute focuses on developing a new detecting and imaging method for the supply of geological resources, enhances the ability of Deep Earth Exploration and Geodynamics research, and actively cultivates new information technology that supports the development of the Earth Science.