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School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information

Oct 27, 2020

School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), (hereinafterreferred to asSchool of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information), with a long history, originated from Specialty of Exploration Machinery under Department of Exploration Engineering found in Beijing College of Geology in 1954. In 1998, it was incorporated into a new department namedDepartment of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (college-level) with Specialty of Electronic Information Engineering under School of Information Engineering. After two adjustments in 2003 an 2008, it was renamed School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information. Now this School has four departments and one training center: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Communication Engineering and Metalworking Practice & Training Center respectively.

Now this School has 120 full-time faculty members, among which there are 12 doctoral supervisors, 15 professors, 58 associate professors, 1 winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 1 German Humboldt Scholar, 2 winners of Hubei Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 1 Yellow Crane Talent, 1 winner of Youth Chenguang Program of Wuhan City and 11 CUG scholars at different levels (including Tengfei Program and Yaolan Program). The ones with doctor's degree account for 64.5% of the teachers.

For a long time, this School has established itself in the main battlefield of national economy, fully integrated the existing traditional engineering advantages with the development features of new engineering, continuously kept forging ahead in talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and international cooperation and made outstanding achievements. Now this School has about 1900 enrolled doctoral students, master's degree candidates and undergraduate students. In the past five years, the students in this School have participated in various academic competitions and made great achievements in many major professional competitions including National Undergraduate Challenge Cup, National College Mechanical Innovation Competition, Petroleum Equipment Innovative Design Competition, Electronics Design Contest and Robot Competition. Successively, over 300 person-times have been grantedtheprizes at state, province or ministry level. About 280 innovative andentrepreneurtraining programs have been presided over by this School.Thepromotion rate reaches up to 25% andtheemployment rate reaches up to95%. Duringtheperiod ofthe12th-five-year-plan, this School began to enroll the international students forthecommunication engineering and teach them in English and totally cultivated 65 international students from 19 countries.

This School now has one Ph. D. program inthesecond-leveldisciplineof geological equipment engineering, three masters programs in the first-level disciplines (mechanical engineering, information and communication engineering and design) and three education platforms atstate-level, province-level and ministry-level(National Engineering Practice & EducationCenterof China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)---China Geological Equipment Co., Ltd, Engineering Research Center of Rock-soil Drilling & Excavation and Protection, Ministry of Education, and Experimental and Teaching Demonstration Center for Electronics and Electrotechnicsof Universities in Hubei Province.Among them, mechanical engineering has become an important part ofIntelligent Geological Equipmentas the double first-classdisciplineof China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). The concrete scientific research fields ofthis School cover mechanismanddynamicsofmechanical system, advanced mechanical designmethodology, geological engineering equipment and itsautomation, optomechatronics, signal andimage processing,embedded system, AI,intelligent instrument,intelligent control, intelligent manufacturing, industrial vision, product design and so on.

In recent years, this School has shown blooming development trend in declaration of scientific research projects and scientific research for social service and has obtained many programs of national natural science foundation andtheprizes for progress in science and technology at province and ministry level. Since2012, this School has obtained over 40 programs of national natural science foundation, special topic programs of national science and technology major project, special sub-programs for development of national major scientific instrument and equipment, sub-programs of national science and technology support plan and other programs from other ministries and committees.It has successfully obtained 4 prizes for progress in science and technology at province and ministry level.It has made great achievements in commercialization of scientific and technical findings,patent applicationand social service and has been granted over 100 nationalpatentsfor invention.

This School has established close exchange and cooperation relationships with many famous universities at home and abroad, such asMassachusetts Institute of Technology,Stanford University,Colorado School of Mines,Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris(IPGP),Hanyang University,Nanyang Technological University,University of Duisburg-Essen,University of Toronto,University of Birmingham, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.It has also established industry-university-research cooperation relationships with many famous enterprises at home andabroad, such asBaker Hughes, China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Coal Technology & Engineering Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Xiamen San-Vision Co., Ltd, Wuxi Zuantong EngineeringMachineryCo., Ltd and Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., Ltd and has brought good social and economic benefits.