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Oct 28, 2020

                                     China University of Geosciences

                                     2021 Admission Q&A for International Students


Part1: Application and Notification

Q: Should I apply online?


For Chinese Government Scholarship Programs, please apply at http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/.

For CUG Presidential and Self-supported Program, you should apply at http://admission.cug.edu.cn/


Q: Should I post the application documents to CUG?

A: No, Applicants only need to register and login to the online application system and upload the required documents.


Q: What should I do after I submit my online application

A: All the online application will be downloaded and reviewed by CUG admission committee if you submit successfully on time. After several round of academic review, CUG will publish the nomination list, please keep on waiting.


Q: Which program category and Agency Number should I choose in CSC application system?

A: Program category Type B generally refers to scholarship programs responsible by Chinese universities under Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (CGS-CUP), such as University Postgraduate Program and Silk Road program. If you apply for CGS-CUP at CUG, you need to choose Type B, and the Agency Number for CUG is 10491


Q: What is the application deadline, and when the scholarship result will be announced?

A: 1. Chinese Government Scholarship Program:

Chinese University Program (University Postgraduate and Silk Road Program) should submit the application between December 15 and March15th. The final list of scholarship winners will be published in late June or early July.

2. University scholarships and self-funded students

University scholarships and self-funded students should submit the application between January 1 to June 15, the admission list will be published before June 30th.


Q: How do you deliver my Admission Notice if I am admitted?

A: We will send Soft copy by Email and Hard Copy by DHL or EMS.

NOTE: The mailing address and email address are important basis for Admission Office to send Admission Notice and JW201/JW202. Applicants must ensure that the information is accurate. The mailing address should contain the following detailed information: Apartment Number, Street name, District, City, Province/State, Country, Phone Number and Zip code. Address with P.O Box will not be accepted. Please be noted that CUG will use the permanent Address to send Admission Notice and JW201/JW202.

Part 2: Language Requirement

Q What is the language requirement of CUG for admission to the Chinese Government Scholarship?

A: Chinese language requirement: For Bachelor Program Applicants, the Chinese language requirement is HSK 3 and for Chinese-taught Graduate Programs Applicants, the requirement is HSK 4.

Please note that The Chinese Government Scholarship Undergraduate Students with HSK3 but could not reach HSK4 (score 200 or above) or HSK5 (required by majors related to management) must study Chinese for one year in one of the preparatory universities designated by CSC and pass the Final Exam before commencing the major study. The Chinese Government Scholarship Postgraduate Students with HSK4 but could not reach HSK4 (score 220 or above) or HSK5 (required by majors related to management) must study Chinese for one year at CUG and reach the required score of HSK4 or HSK5 before commencing the major study.

English language requirement: For English-taught programs Applicants, if applicants do not complete the highest degree in English-speaking countries or from schools where English is the teaching language, it is required to provide proof of English proficiency of TOEFL ibt 80 or IELTS 6.0 overall or above.

Note: Chinese Government Scholarship only support Bachelor Programs taught in Chinese


Part3: English-taught Programs

Q: What English-taught Programs can I choose at CUG?

A: The following Programs are currently available:

2021 English-taught Bachelor programs are listed as follows:

  Telecommunication Engineering

  Business Management

2021 English-taught Master programs are listed as follows:

  Oil and Gas Engineering

  Environmental Science and Engineering

  Business Administration

  Public Administration

All Ph.D. programs can be conducted in English. (For more program details, please refer to 2021 Admission of International Students for Master’s/Ph.D. Degrees).


Part4: Supervisor’s Recommendation

Q: Should I find a supervisor in advance? And how can I contact professors in my field?

A: We would strongly suggest Graduate Program applicants contact a supervisor in advance. You can visit Master and PhD application Guide to find supervisors’ information via https://iec.cug.edu.cn/ You will get a Video Interview from the professor.


Note: Remember do not send group mail, the e-mail sent to the professors needs to be informative. Those who get the Supervisor’s Recommendation Form need to confirm with the professor about your research field. Supervisor’s Recommendation Form only serves as the professors’ approval of the academic ability of students and it does not serve as a proof of Admission.


Q: Are there specific formats and requirements for the Professor's recommendation letter?

A: Yes, there is a specific format. Please refer to https://iec.cug.edu.cn/info/1116/1299.htm to download the form.


Part5: Pre-Admission Letter

Q: Can I apply for the Pre-admission Letter of CUG in order to apply for scholarship?

A: Pre-admission Letter is only issued to applicants who are applying for financial supports from sources except universities, such as the scholarship from applicants’ government, embassy or other institutions under the Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program (CGS-BP). Students who get pre-admission letter could submit it with your other documents when applying CGS-BP.

Note: Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (CGS -CUP) should NOT apply for this Letter, or the application would be regarded as for Bilateral Program.


Q: What is the difference between a Pre-admission Letter (issued by CUG International Student Office) and a Supervisor’s Recommendation Form (signed by the Professor)?
A: Only those applicants for
CGS-BP will need and be issued this Letter from CUG.

The Pre-admission Letter would not be provided to the applicant of CGS -CUP for submitting it back to the International Student Office.

While a Supervisor’s Recommendation Form is a letter signed by a professor in the School/Department, which shows that the professor would like to accept you as one of his/her prospective students. It would be helpful to your further scholarship/sponsorship application, including CGS-BP and CGS -CUP.


Part6: Supporting Documents

Q My school diploma and transcripts are not in English or Chinese, what should I do?

A: Please translate them into English or Chinese, and notarize them at the notary office.


Q I am a fresh graduate this year, and have not yet obtained a degree certificate, what should I do?

A: Please go to the relevant department of your current school (Department of Education, Graduate school) to get a pre-graduation certificate to prove not only your current student status, but also the expected degree certificate and graduation date.


Q: I graduated several years ago, should I submit any supporting documents from current working unit?

A: Yes, you need to submit a certificate of employment from your current working unit.