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CUG Organizes 2021 Annual Academic Conference on Development Geography of Geographical Society of China

Oct 22, 2021

The 2021 Annual Academic Conference on Development Geography of the Geographical Society of China (GSC), held by the GSC and organized by CUG, took place from October 15 to 17.

HU Shougeng, Dean of the School of Public Administration, presides over the opening ceremony

Professors and researchers from over 40 higher education institutions and research institutions, 200 enterprise representatives, and over 12,000 online viewers participated in the conference.

LIU Yongsheng, Vice President of CUG, mentioned that how to further optimize the pattern of territorial spatial development and protection and to promote innovation-driven development so as to achieve coordinated regional development and shape new advantages in development are hot topics in geography, management, and economics.

ZHANG Guoyou, General Secretary of the GSC, pointed out that we should promote the interdisciplinary research and application of geography, economics, management, and environmental science in the future.

DENG Xiangzheng, researcher of the GSC, thought that in the international context of changes in the global environment, global economic integration, and global geopolitical structure, China also faces big problems such as territorial and spatial governance, new urbanization, and urban-rural integration.

The conference also set 8 sessions and 3 graduate forums, with a total of more than 140 experts, scholars, and young students and faculty making presentations.

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)