ASEAN College of China-ASEAN Geosciences Cooperation Center

Oct 28, 2020

The ASEAN College of China-ASEAN Geosciences Cooperation Center is established to accelerate the realization of China’s will to cooperate with the ASEAN countries “to build a geosciences cooperation center”, which is proposed as a core content in Premier Li Keqiang’s speech. The ASEAN Institute also well serves the national development strategy and coordination of foreign relations, facilitating a comprehensive reconciliation between the “Belt and Road” Initiative and theChina-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030, intensifying the in-depth cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries in the fields of geosciences, mining and education, supporting the construction of “China-ASEAN Community of Shared Future”.

The development of the ASEAN Institute is based on all aspects of CUG’s advantages, such as the ranking by subject, talents training, academic research and educational internationalization. A globalized talents training system will be achieved in the fields of geology, resources, hydrology, environment, hazards, engineering, public administration and economic management, to name but a few. A geosciences cooperation research and talents training base with international influence will be built to provide intellectual resources, technological services and decision-making advice to the ASEAN countries to give full scope to international cooperation in the field of geosciences, improving China’s educational influence, cultural affinity and integrated service capability among the ASEAN countries, building consensus and wisdom for the shared prosperity of the ASEAN countries and promoting the regional economic sustainable development.